Dienstag, Mai 30, 2006

Helping a village

So you ask yourself what this is all about?
Well of course being good and chivalrous and all that.
But I forget my manners. Let me first introduce myself to you.

My name is Llewellyn. Squire Llewellyn to be exact.

Now the Squire part is only for those outside of the Order of the Invisible Hand, as they most likely would not have any idea what Initiate of the 2nd Order means as an equivalent rank. So Squire it is. For your convenience.
But let us forget about titles, those are only worldly labels and do not necessarily carry any significance beyond adorning someone's name.

Just call me Llewellyn.

Let others, more fluent in the realm of etiquette, take care of that. If need be, I can point you to a few special individuals capable of doing just that. But for now listen to the story I am willing to tell.

So where were we? Being chivalrous...

We, that means I, were asked to investigate some problems a village elder was reporting a month ago. Some traveling merchants were waylaid by bandits in the vicinity of the village.

But wait! Bandits. Are they not usually taken care of by the Lancers? At least when they make themselves enough of a nuisance that their vagaries are reported to the authorities?


But then most of the Lancers are away on the border guarding it, as one of our neighbor's got a little irritated lately. Most likely some obscure and hard to track legal matter concerning the placement of some border stones, or similar nonsense.

With the usual complement of Lancers depleted in the city our Order has been asked to help out some. And as this is not a really high profile task, taking care of some bandits, I was asked to bring some of my friends along.

And thus we started out Helping a village.