Samstag, November 11, 2006

Hush Puppies

In the name of his Lordship, the Lord of Verbobonc, open the doors. You are surrounded.

These were the words uttered by Squire Llewellyn pounding on the heavy double doors harboring a band of hyenalike Gnolls.
The dogs stopped their bickering which had alarmed Squire Llewellyn and the other members of the expedition to the presence of the Gnolls in the first place.

It did not take long that the whole band of Gnolls, nine of them. Stormed from the double doors to break free of their position. That outbreak was greeted with bolts of flame and searing light, thanks to the Ladies Karina and Luxenor. Blinded and raging the gnolls were about to pursuit both ladies when they were stopped by Don, Marvin, Fendor and Squire Llewellyn barring their way. The first crossing of arms led to one of the first Gnolls leaqving the fight invuluntarily.

The Gnolls sported an impressive array of heavy weapons but could not bring them to bear effectively as their first line of defense was decimated almost from the start. After a couple of sword and axeblows only sparsingly answered by blows and thrust from the Gnolls, the first line of the Gnolls was shattered and the second and third line had lost their best protection, their vomrades with heavy onehanded weapons and shields. Finishing off the remaining Gnolls was quick, as their defenses were not to par with the offense skills of the party.

One small grain of salt was the escape of one of the Gnolls through the only entrance to the room. Karina's last firebolt missed him narrowly, singeing his fur but letting him escape, never the less.

The other eight were vanquished and captured. Only Fendor suffered a rather nasty slash f4rom a polearm. His steel breastplate surely kept him alive by the amount of force it absorbed before letting the rest through.

All in all the group was lucky but did not make grave mistakes this time. With a little less luck and with one or two mistakes strewn in the result could have been pretty bad. But luckily it is pretty good instead, and the group is a good enough shape to keep going before needing the next bigger rest.

Having taken out the Gnolls the next group can be perhaps surprised IF the Gnoll did not alert anyone to our presence. Time wil tell as the party lies in ambush before making the next advance.